Pheon Lux

The Pheon Lux cutting-edge range of inflatable light balloons is set to revolutionise the world of location lighting, offering a beautifully soft quality of light in a remarkably lightweight design that packs down into a convenient kit.

Illuminate Your Film Set with Brilliance: The Air Lux fixtures by Pheon Lux are not just lighting solutions, they are built with quality and efficiency at their core. With a soft, controllable light source and a remarkable spectrum, these inflatables bring a touch of magic to any film set. The robust control system, featuring LumenRadio CRMX and Bluetooth App-based connectivity, ensures precise control over lighting, empowering you to create visually stunning scenes.

Exceptional Build Quality: Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the Air Lux fixtures showcase a self-inflating mechanism and a solid control system. V-Lok battery inputs seamlessly integrate onto the ballast to provide convenient AC and DC power options. Tel: 01923 510103 or email: for more info.

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