MCL MEDIA stock the Professional's Choice of atmospheric smoke machines by Cirro Mist and SmokeGENIE.

Cirro Mist has been creating a fine and constant mist since 1989. Constasntly developed and designed to meet the requirements of Lighting Designers, Directors and Cinamatographers for the Film, TV, Concert Touring, Theatrical and Product Launch industries. The Cirro Mist machines produce an atmosphere to register beams and shafts of light and colour without distorting the image or creating colour shift.

The SmokeGENIE portable handheld smoke machine can instanly haze up a room or an outdoor space to create cinematic atmosphere, the SmokeGENIE also comes with special adapters that can create a special dry-ice effect so you can use smoke with a high level of precision for table top, glass, engine and hair effects.

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