BSS AR-416 Active 4 Channel DI Box Hire

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BSS AR-416 Active 4 Channel DI Box Hire - ideal for use in the studio, on stage or for OB use as a general purpose hi-level line driver and isolation buffer in the field

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BSS AR-416 Active 4 Channel DI Box Hire

  • A 1/4" instrument jack per channel with both parallel and buffered link outputs on 1/4" jacks to feed into backline amps.
  • A low impedance XLR output which is active buffered, transformer-balanced, floating and capable of driving 600 Ohm over long cable runs.
  • A selectable 8kHz low-pass filter; polarity-reverse and earth-lift on "XLR side".
  • 3-way selectable input attenuation (0dB, 20dB, 40dB pad).
  • An additional earth lift on the "jack side"
  • Ideal for Interfacing low level, high impedance outputs from electric or electronic musical instruments to feed low impedance, balanced inputs to stageboxes or mixing console.
  • OB and ENG crews can use BSS Active DI Boxes as general purpose hi-level line drive and isolation buffers in the field.


Included in the Box

  • 1 x BSS AR-416 Active 4 Channel DI Box

BSS AR-416 Active 4 Channel DI Box Hire

No recording session or touring stage is completethese days without a liberal sprinkling of DI boxes and similar interfaces numbering in their dozens, Stereo and multi-channel samplers, MIDI voice modules, drum machines and sequencers, now form a major part of the composite soundmix along with the increasing numbers of acoustic instruments fitted with sophisticated electronic ’bug’ pickups.

All these demand large numbers of high quality active DI channels,which until now meant a tiresome dependence on batteries or phantom power. Bringing the direct injection process firmly up to date, BSS have created the practical solution in simple but versatile form - the AR-416 4-CHANNEL ACTIVE DI.

The BSS AR-416 is mains powered and takes 1U of rackspace. the AR-416 chassis is cleverly designed to have rack ears fitted either on the ‘jackside‘ or the ’XLR-side’ (or both). The mains cable exits through the side of the case.

For the road, the four active DI outputs with Filter, Polarity and Earth-lift switching are made available to PA crew on the outside of the artist’s equipment rack whilst inside, jack leads can be permanently connected between samplers, voice modules, effects etc and the rear jack-side of the unit.

The input attenuator is left preset safe inside the rack, a feature of benefit to Front-of- house and Monitor engineers alike.

Separate parallel and buffered Link outputs are available independently for feeding backline and/or a submixer mounted in the top of the rack. Stereo to mono summing is also possible using these outputs.

Inthe studio, the AR-416 rackmounts in keyboard tables or equipment racks to give 1/4" jack Inputs, Link outputs and Earth-lift switching accessible from the front for guitars, keyboards and samplers etc. The active DI output XLR’s inside the rack can be permanently plugged onto tielines wired to the console patchbay.

In mobile OB or ENG situations, the unit is invaluable as a general purpose impedance matcher or floating isolation buffer for high level audio signals.

The electronics of the AR-416 4-CHANNEL ACTIVE DI are closely based on the familiar AR-116 and AR-133 Active DI Boxes, both in deference to their renowned sonic excellence and to ensure operational consistency. With characteristic attention to detail, the earth-lift function duplicated on both sides of the unit includes LED indicators to show the true ground status. Total isolation between channels is achieved by incorporating independent power supply regulatorsfor each channel which in turn are fed from independent and floating secondary windings on the mains transformer.


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Strapline BSS AR-416 Active 4 Channel DI Box Hire - ideal for use in the studio, on stage or for OB use as a general purpose hi-level line driver and isolation buffer in the field
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