BSS AR-133 Active DI Box

The BSS AR-133 Active DI Box is the industry standard DI Box for guitars, keyboards, DJ consoles, Amp outputs or as an active balancing device - Brilliant

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BSS AR-133 Active DI Box

  • Switchable input attenuation - 0dB for guitar-type pickups, -20dB for line level signals, -40dB for speaker feeds
  • Matches the level and impedance with unity gain without loading the source
  • Can drive signals up long cable lengths
  • Powered from console phantom power or internal battery
  • Automatic switchover to battery if phantom power fails
  • Parallel Link Jack output to feed amplifiers directly
  • Parallel XLR input for converting unbalanced outputs to balanced lines


Included in the Box

  • 1 x BSS AR-133 DI Box

BSS AR-133 Active DI Box

Signals from electronic instruments such as guitars, keyboards and similar sound sources generally have a low level, high impedance output, which will not interface with the low impedance balanced input found on professional sound mixing consoles.

Furthermore these signals cannot be driven up long cable lengths without serious loss of level and degradation.

The DI box converts this signal to a more suitable form without interfering with or modifying the signal at the instrument source, and should provide freedom from ground and power line related problems.

The only safe and predictable way to provide direct feeds from instruments or other sources is by using an Active DI box utilising an input amplifier driving an output transformer.

The BSS AR-133 fulfills all the requirements of an active DI and more.

The AR-133 includes phantom power and battery supplies as standard. Should the phantom power from the console fail or be accidentally switched off, the AR-133 automatically switches over to the internal 9V battery providing uninterrupted use.

It is housed in a rugged aluminium extrusion case, with robust polyurethane end-cheeks which give the AR-133 a very distinctive look.

Input connectors are both 1/4" jack sockets and an XLR socket, the latter meaning that the AR-133 can be used to convert unbalanced signals to a balanced output on XLRs throughout.

The arched case allows cables to run back underneath the unit from the end for neat cable management.

Input attenuation is 0, -20 or -40dB, making the box suitable for instrument, line or amplifier levels on inputs. On the output side, a ground-lift switch is provided for quick solutions to ground-loop problems.

The AR-133 uses an enhanced version of the same audio path as the AR-116, now regarded by many people as a reference standard. The sound quality is legendary, particularly on acoustic and bass guitars.

Numerous applications can be satisfied by the AR-133. For example, as well as the traditional guitar use, the AR-133 can be used with keyboards, DJ consoles, amplifier outputs, and other electronic sources.

An additional bonus is the ability to use the AR-133 as an active balancing device.

More Information
Delivery Time In Stock
Price £82.50
Brand BSS
Manufacturer Code AR-133
Analogue Inputs Two Parallel 1/4 inch jack connectors and a parallel XLR connector (unbalanced)
Analogue Outputs XLR (Transformer Balanced)
Size 59 mm x 124 mm x 143 mm, (2.3 x 4.9 x 5.6 inches)
Power Supply Phantom Power 20 - 48 volts DC from Mixer or interface, 9V PP3 type battery
Strapline The BSS AR-133 Active DI Box is the industry standard DI Box for guitars, keyboards, DJ consoles, Amp outputs or as an active balancing device - Brilliant
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